Just an average guy with a regular, ordinary life. I have a weakness for cute things and a liking for pretty boys.

I have a bad habit of deleting posts after a period of time.

I also collect Asian ball-jointed dolls.

Steam: boneantlers
S4: meowimmabicycle
LoL: teppeipei → AK57

Oh, right.

There’s a Love Stage! anime…

Should I watch it though. WILL I BE DISAPPOINTED THOUGH.

Need to channel my younger brother and watch anime.


my contribution for aokise week : the importance of flowers in domestic bliss :D this is for the day 5 themes (animals/flowers) by the way! also full view is your bff o/







“You can’t compare LUTS’s ear fiasco with Fairyland’s fuck up. You know why? Even if the artist was inspired by FL, the ears still looked completely different. FAIRYLAND 100% COPIED 2+ YEAR OLD DESIGNS, ACKNOWLEDGED IT, DIDN’T ASK PERMISSION, BUT DID IT ANYWAYS. Read their statement, they flat out admit it. You can’t defend them on this matter. I’m anti-recast and this act disgusts me. They stole art. They are the theives in this instance that happened to get caught.”

– #1607 (via recastconfessions)


Storm Lover 2 scans from the January 2013 issue of B’s Log!

I’m semi disappointed it won’t be with the same cast (since I was hoping for a game with an actual Shiina route) but I guess it’s understandable why they didn’t do that. Not to mention that I think I do like the new characters’ designs so far. The heroine also looks cute.